We aim to understand the immune responses that emerge in response to this new viral pathogen in essential workers, first responders, and other groups at risk for COVID-19.

Researchers will measure how quickly these immune responses develop, how long they last, and how well they prevent future COVID-19 infections.

The question we want to answer is: how well do antibodies from previous infections provide protection from re-infection? The LA-SPARTA COVID-19 study helps to find answers that promote personal and public health.

Why should you participate?

  • Antibody testing is a great way to check that your vaccination induced a response.

  • We can all play an important part in promoting public health & healthcare equity.

  •  Learning all we can from COVID-19 studies will help to prevent future pandemics.

  • Participating in biomedical research shows how you are contributing to the cure !

  • And if that is not enough… participants receive a gift card for each follow up visit.




Donna Phan Tran

SPARTA Coordinator (UCLA)

Phone: (765) 387-7805

Email: lasparta@lundquist.org


Evelyn Flores

Clinical Research Coordinator (UCLA)

Phone: (765) 387-7805

Email: lasparta@lundquist.org

Eligibility Requirements

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Interested in being a research participant? Contact us!

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Visit us at the LA SPARTA tents located in front of J4 on South Drive
1148 W 220th St, Torrance, CA 90502

By appointment only: (765) 387-7805